My personal story as it’s been and as it is now, sharing my life and practicing writing at the same time.

“Carpe Diem”

25 Days in Peru – The things you see on the way

Here we go, episode 1 of ??? in my 25 days in Peru series, a working from anywhere adventure that leans more to the “anywhere” than it does to the “work”. I aim to try and write something most days during my stay, my way of trying to make writing more of a habit for me. So after a longish day of travelling, 3 flights 2 of which were delayed here I am in Peru, overnight in Lima and then a short 1hr 20min flight tomorrow to get to my final destination, Chicama Puerto Malabrigo. Fast forward to tomorrow which [...]

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Why am I doing this?

Well here's my first post, a short introduction and a bit of an explanation of the what and why. Really there's not too much to it, I thought I'd start a personal blog mainly just as a means of getting into the habit of writing. It's a project with no pressure, it's simply my place to practice and make a habit out of writing. Whether anyone reads it is absolutely irrelevant. I intend to keep it pretty simple with 2 categories, Yesterday and Now. I'll start with the Now and work backwards in the Yesterday when I get a chance. Hopefully [...]

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