As I wake up on this wet, cold and rainy Saturday morning, the nice longish bike ride up the coast after a busy week of work is no longer looking like an option. Check the weather app, 100% chance of rain 15-25mm for the rest of the day, to make matters worse the wind is blowing onshore, so a surf is not an option either.

The epithony that this rainy day awakened in me?

This got me to thinking and questioning myself on my work routine. I came to the realisation that, whilst I had transitioned to a the new way of working, one that gives me the flexibility and freedom to live my life on my terms, I still had one traditional work mindset that I hadn’t let go of.

The weekdays are workdays and weekends are for leisure mindset!!

My work schedule is not tied to a place or a time, so why am I still thinking and acting in the Monday to Friday are work days and Saturday/ Sunday is the weekend mindset?

I only work 5 days (aiming for less eventually) but there is absolutely no reason that these days need to conform to the traditional work week.

There is nothing worse than working inside all week when the sun is shining, only to get to the weekend to be greeted by grey skies, rain and cold. Then, of course the sun comes out to play on Monday just as our traditional work week begins.

How About I Work to the 7-day Weather Forecast instead

Not sure why it’s taken me this long to work this out, it’s not exactly rocket science. Why wouldn’t I schedule my work days around the weather forecast instead of the Monday to Friday tradition?

That will give me the opportunity to go cycling, SUP surfing, hiking or do some other leisure activity when the conditions are the best….Duh!!

Why not I say!

Why not indeed, so that’s exactly what I have decided to do. This is the plan (flexible and changeable like the weather of course):

  • Sunday (yes I still need a starting point) check 7 day weather and surf forecast
  • The 7 day plan will work in with this forecast, days off scheduled on the days that have the best weather and/or surf conditions.
  • The 2 days don’t necessarily need to be consecutive days
  • Consider social/event opportunities as part of the plan
  • Schedule meetings and calls for the “work days” only
  • The forecast has been known to change, not a problem, I will change to suit

The week ahead…

Ok, there is no reason to wait to implement the plan, let’s check this week’s forecast.

Thursday and Sunday look the goods to me this week, so let’s do this, my workdays this week will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Bottom line, you can’t change the weather but you can change how it affects the quality of your life.