So here I am in Peru having a fun time surfing some long waves and hanging out somewhere different, so why am I lacking motivation?

Baring some soul in this one but that is the idea for this site, it’s my place to practice writing and put my thoughts into words. Not necessarily to share but I guess if you’re reading this for some reason or other, then yes I’m sharing. I’m also just blurting it out as it comes.

So after a laid back afternoon, more a lazy one where I couldn’t seem to find too much in the way of motivation, I decided to head to the cliff to take in the sunset, take some photos and take some time out to have a think. The wind was blowing hard as it does most days here so I found myself some shelter behind a small concrete marker, the only thing other than dirt on the barren clifftop.

So why the lack of motivation/energy?

My thoughts revolved around a number of possible reasons, coming down from and being overtired from the intensity of creating a new business that is turning out to be a much bigger challenge than first expected, the pressure of some big changes in my business life that have disrupted the relative comfort of the past 15 years, the 3 hour SUP surfing sessions in bigger waves and stronger winds/currents than I’m used to wearing me down, the stomach bug that knocked me around for a day, the neck pain that is back with me 24/7 the symptoms suspiciously similar to pre neck operation.

All of the above may seem like I’m on a “woe is me” rant, which I’m not, I’m simply revealing my thoughts out loud. It was all part of my clifftop at sunset process.

So what was the end result?

The end result was that a combination of all of the above contributed to my current perceived lack of motivation. Basically I think I’m a tad physically and mentally fatigued.

Is this alright?

Yes it’s perfectly fine to feel this way and it’s also perfectly fine to decide not fight it, drop the guilt feelings and take some time out. Will my world end if I take my eye of the business ball for a few days, no I don’t think so.

So where to from here?

I’m  checking out of all things business for a minimum of 2 days, not just not doing anything business but trying my hardest to not even think about business and the road ahead. Just for 2 days, a complete business detox, no website, no emails, no social media, not even thinking about it.

The next 2 days will be all about my holiday, I will take photos, enjoy the surf, talk to the other guests here at Surf House Chicama, only update facebook with fun stuff, that’s it, the clock is on.

Carpe Diem 🙂

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