Well the plan was to try and write a post most days but that hasn’t quite worked out, between 3 hour surf sessions, eating, recovering from surf sessions and keeping up with some work the day seems to pass.

Anyway let’s rewind to the back to day 3 at Chicama, after 2 nights at Surf House Chicama it was time to move 100 metres up the road to join the SUP Camp. The hotel, Chicama Surf Resort was a complete contrast to the Surf House Chicama, much more up market and resort like.

Arriving at the front entrance, the only way in was to tug on the rope which rings a bell for the security man to open up and let you in. Hmmm not so laid back but at the least Mr security seemed to be a happy chap and very talkative, not that I could understand a word he was saying but I’m sure it was all good.

I was given a tour of the hotel, gym, sauna, spa, restaurant and pool overlooking the perfect left handers. My room was big, my bed was big, the bathroom was big, all looking very comfortable.

I met the other guys on the SUP Camp, Axel, the camp coordinator, Steve from Melbourne, Michael from Melbourne and Anson from Alaska, another Steve from the US was due to arrive that night. We opted to take a walk down the road to a local restaurant for lunch on Axel’s recommendation. It was a bit of fun and the food was good, the owner was playing both waiter and cook I’m sure.

Decided to get a little bit of work done in the afternoon as the SUP camp sessions didn’t start until the next day and I’d had a solid session first up in the morning. I grabbed the wifi password and was good to go, well I thought I was anyway but this is where the fancy hotel fell short, actually fell well short, wifi was absolute CRAP.

I know its good to have a break from the online world for short periods but when I’m away its part of what I do. The reason I only ever travel to anywhere for at least a month is that it allows me to work, play and experience the culture, so wifi is a key ingredient. This is all part of my lifestyle it’s not my annual holiday, working from anywhere is what I do and how I live.

I’ve lived a life of 5 star hotels as part of my conference business, staying in fancy rooms at fancy prices because that was where my clients preferred to stay. My preference for accommodation has changed in recent times though, at the end of the day, you only need a comfortable bed, a clean bathroom and preferably somewhere to cook.

I’ve now been at this hotel for 5 nights, the food is great, the rooms are nice, the shower pumps out plenty of hot water BUT the wifi is CRAP. I find myself going back to hang out at Surf House Chicama most days where wonderful hostess Katia quite happily allows me to sit and make use of the wifi.

So which place do I prefer and why?

  • The room at the resort is bigger whereas the room at the Surf House is smaller and more basic – I don’t spend that much time in my room anyway and I found them both as comfortable.
  • The breakfast at the Resort is a very basic and I mean very basic continental buffet with the option to order eggs as an extra. Breakfast as Surf House is fresh fruit, eggs, avocado and bacon cooked and presented with love – Surf House wins hands down.
  • Lunch and dinner at the Resort is excellent, a big menu and good quality. Surf House offers breakfast but they do have a communal kitchen you can use or you can simply eat out – I guess I would have to give it to the Resort on this one but it’s not a deal breaker.
  • Here’s the deal breaker though, wifi, something I can’t live without, the Resort wifi as mentioned is CRAP, it’s either slow or non existent whereas the Surf House is good.
  • The price difference, lets just say my basic room at Surf House Chicama is a fraction of the rate at the Resort.

The Verdict

So for me Surf House Chicama wins hands down, not just for the wifi though, the staff are ok at the Resort but Katia and Jenny at the Surf House make you feel at home and nothing you ask of them is a problem.

Another positive for the Resort is the people you meet there, we’ve met and mixed with some really nice people from various parts of the world. I may come here for dinner when I move back to the other place for a bit of social interaction.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re ok without wifi and you prefer a resort feel then Chicama Beach Resort is an excellent choice, it’s just not my preference.

Okay, surf’s up, gotta go.

PS. Of course contrary to what I have said about the wifi, I’ve actually been able to upload this post at the hotel today.