Here we go, episode 1 of ??? in my 25 days in Peru series, a working from anywhere adventure that leans more to the “anywhere” than it does to the “work”. I aim to try and write something most days during my stay, my way of trying to make writing more of a habit for me.
So after a longish day of travelling, 3 flights 2 of which were delayed here I am in Peru, overnight in Lima and then a short 1hr 20min flight tomorrow to get to my final destination, Chicama Puerto Malabrigo.
Fast forward to tomorrow which is now today (Wed 4th May) and my short 1hr 20min flight has been delayed by at least 2 hours due to poor visibility at my destination airport Trujillo. So here I am WFA in the departure lounge of Lima Airport, making the best of the unexpected delay.

So what brings me to Peru?


Have SUP will travel

The short answer is actually a long wave, yes that sounds a bit odd but it’s true. Chicama has claims as being the longest left hander in the world, at 2.2km in total I’m guessing the claim is valid. So what has that got to do with my reason for being here you ask, it’s all to do with my late in life obsession with SUP (stand up paddleboard) surfing.
Thanks to facebook for picking this obsession up and consequently showing the Peru SUP Camp posts on my feed on regular basis over the past couple of years, I succumbed to the temptation and qualified it as a “must do once in a lifetime” thing to do and saw no reason I shouldn’t tick it off.
So there you have it, here I am in Lima, about to head to Trujillo and then to Chicama for the next couple of weeks or so. Then I make my way to Cuzco later in the month to do the 5 day/4 night Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu, pretty excited about that too.

How do I get to do this?

I get to do this simply because I can, I can because I have set myself up to be able to work from anywhere, so that’s exactly what I do. WFA (working from anywhere) means I’m not constrained by place or time, you see, it’s not just about the anywhere it’s also about the anytime.
It helps to have some systems in place
I have recently worked hard to put some systems in place that help to create even more flexibility. Systems that allow me to automate and schedule some of the processes in my business, not quite a set and forget but a set and check from time to time though. I’ve also hired a VA (virtual assistant) to take care of some of the “process” type work for me. So things are ticking over without interruption.
I plan to double back and write my back story and how I created this life of freedom and choice that I enjoy, I will get to this but I’m in no hurry.
That’s it for now, let’s hope the fog lifts so I can make it to that long wave before dark.

It didn’t happen


Nice lunch WFA 🙂

Today hasn’t worked out quite to plan but that’s travel. My flight to Trujillo was cancelled due to poor visibility at Trujillo airport, not before we were all seated on the plane and ready to go though. So I checked the SUP into the airport storage and made my way back to the hotel for lunch, beer and wifi.

Re-booked on the 7.25pm and hopeful that it will get off the ground.