So yesterday I made the decision to give myself a 2 day break from anything to do with business, so today the mind is free.

Chicama Surf Resort Update

Having now spent a full week at the Chicama Surf Resort the first thing I need to do is update my thoughts on the place. The week there was very pleasant, the staff were excellent as was the food and I got to meet some great people.

Upon leaving the manager and owner invited me to use the Resort for this week even though I’m not staying there, including all the facilities and the restaurant. So I now have an open tab there and it will serve as my place to go for dinners.

A very generous offer and one that I’m most grateful for 🙂

Surf’s Up!


This morning started off being up and ready to get the boat out to the point from a 6am morning session in the surf. The good news being the swell had picked up and the wind a little less early in the morning, there is still wind but not as much as later in the day.

So how is surfing the left handers on my backhand going?

The video is from early last week, my early attempt at riding the long lefts, looking a little shakey but managed to stay on for a longish ride or two. Fast forward to the a week later, the waves are bigger, the wind is a stronger and I’d have to be honest and say that it has been a challenge for me. The bigger waves and tougher conditions have resulted in me catching less waves, falling off more and losing a bit of confidence.

Yesterday in particular was a very challenging ordeal, I got the boat out at 8am with a few of the other guests staying at Surf House Chicama. Not only did the wind pick up just as we got out to the point, the added challenge was the 50+ surfers out there all vying for the best waves. I battled on and caught a minimal number of waves before giving into the strong winds and big crowds, too exhausted to get a wave in, I opted to put my hand up to get the boat back.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

Not to be beaten, the forecast for this morning was looking good, so it was a 6am start in hope of beating the wind and the crowd. Fortunately that’s just how it turned out, still windy but manageable, very much less of a crowd though. I managed to latch onto a couple of nice big, fast and long ones which was a buzz and a confidence builder for me. I’m catching waves here far far bigger than I’ve ever experience before and screaming down the face of some of these at a great rate of knots is an absolute adrenaline rush like no other.

Breakfast, rest, recovery and doing stuff160517-breakfast

Finished off the session riding waves all the way back to the beach which was fun as well as an achievement. Then it was the hike up the hill with board underarm to the hotel, struggling out of the wetsuit (hard work after a tiring session), shower and breakfast. You certainly work up an appetite out there but Claudia at the hotel soon fixes that with a energy replacing breakfast of fresh fruit, bread and jam, eggs and avocado and a fresh juice.

Then a bit of lie down to recover before spending some time editing, deleting, filing and sharing my photos.

It’s time to go for a wander and grab some lunch, the rest of the day……making it up as I go!!