The elusive 1 hour 20 min flight, so close yet so far away, I can now confirm the 3 airline situations that won’t guarantee you get to your destination. These are those situations as they happened:

10:40 am – You’ve checked in, through security, delayed but boarded the flight, sitting comfortably in your assigned seat awaiting takeoff – no not today folks, please disembark and collect your baggage.

7:20pm – You’ve checked in, through security, delayed but boarded the flight, sitting comfortably in your assigned seat awaiting takeoff, the flight takes off (internal happy dance happening), airline snack served and devoured, 15 minutes from destination about to descend – no not today folks, we’re turning this plane around and taking you right back where you started, please disembark and collect your baggage.

3:30am (next day) – leave the hotel and head to the airport in time for a 5:50am flight, you’ve checked in, through security, waiting in the departure lounge willing the board to say “boarding” – no not today folks, please collect your baggage.

Plans A, B or C didn’t work out so how am going to get to this elusive destination?


No roof rack required

Thankfully my friend Ricardo from Peru SUP Camp had a driver that had to come to Lima to drop someone else off with the same problem as me. So it was a long drive and guaranteed to get there or wait for the next flight and hope, no I don’t think so, a roadtrip it is.
So said driver, also named Ricardo turned up, we had coffee, strapped the SUP to the roof of the car (no rack needed apparently) and we were off. I thought my friend Ricardo (SUP camp Ricardo) had mentioned that it was “about 7 hours”, not so bad.
Cruising along listening to a CD, Land Down Under no less, weaving in and out of the traffic, the 80km/hour speed limit signs obviously not applicable and it’s ok to overtake the police car at a 100km/hour in a 80km/hour zone apparently.


The long, straight and arid road to Chicama

The sim card third degree

I decided that I would grab myself a local sim rather that donating to the Telstra have data will charge fund, how hard could it really be? Firstly we had to stop at 3 outlets before we could find one that had them in stock. Then there was the process, it was easier to use Ricardo’s ID so lets do that.

This is what Ricardo had to do so I could get that $3 sim card:
• Show his licence
• Get his fingerprint checked against his licence in an electronic scanner
• Then actually get fingerprinted onto the form, not electronically, the inkpad method.
• Sign off the paperwork

Not sure how I was ever going to get through that without Ricardo, not to mention that fact that I don’t speak or understand Spanish. Thanks Ricardo.

The 7 hour drive??

Oh and the 7 hour drive, let’s see, we left at about 7:30am and arrived at my hostel at 7:30pm, you do the sums. Not complaining at all though, it was a long but interesting trip and at least it got me to my destination.

Home sweet home 160506-Surf-house

I was warmly welcomed by Katia, the lovely host at Surf House Chicama, my digs for the next couple of nights. Pretty happy with this place, beachfront and has a lovely feel to it. It was a case of unpack, shower and sleep.

As much as the past couple of days have been a challenge, it’s all part of the adventure and I absolutely love it.
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